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Learning/Teaching Approaches:

To foster children’s interests and encourage active exploration, we adopt diversified learning and teaching approaches, such as “Creativity Approach”, “Project Approach” and “Life-wide Learning”. Field visits and experiential activities will be included as part of the learning process to bring children more real life experiences while extended activities help strengthen their learning. 



The Curriculum:

In alignment with current trends of early childhood education and development, our curriculum is designed to meet the children’s interests, abilities and overall developmental needs in six main learning areas. We value the development of children’s “creative thinking”, hence, our curriculum is designed to nurture multiple intelligences to help children achieve whole-person development.



Learning Assessment:

Assessment is an important part of the curriculum which helps us to review the effectiveness of learning and teaching and it serves as a blueprint for the development of our curriculum. We help children progress and grow by giving positive feedback through continuous assessment of their all-round development.  

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