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  • 進行面試期間,本園會安排老師為非華語學童現場作翻譯。

  • 非華語家長可以透過電話和電郵形式聯絡本園查詢有關學校資訊。

  • 支援非華語學童在本園的中文學習。

  • 促進學童在個人及群性的發展。

  • 照顧非華語學童從幼兒至兒童的成長需要。

  • 建構共融校園,協助非華語學童融入校園生活。

  • 協助有需要的非華語家庭提供相應的支援服務。

為非華語兒童家長而設的查詢電話號碼2386 2826及電郵

Support Services for NCS students

Support services are provided for NCS students.


  • During admission interviews, specific teachers would be assigned to help with translation services for NCS students.

  • NCS parents can contact our school through the phone or email for further enquires.

  • Assisting students’ Chinese language learning at school.

  • Fostering students’ personal and social development.

  • Catering to NCS students’ growth needs.

  • Constructing an inclusive school, supporting NCS students to integrate into campus life.

  • Providing NCS families with necessary support services.

Please call 2322 6444 / email to for assistance for NCS parents and children.

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