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Procedure for K1 Applications


1. Fill in the Application Form

2. Hand in with the followings ......and submit in person

      Copy of certificate of birth

      Copy of parents ID

      Copy of Immunisation Record

      photo x1

      Stamped addresses Envelope x2

      $40 application fee


1. Interview date will according to the interview letter that we send to you

2. Please bring back the letter when you interview

For non-chinese speakers

Can arrange interpretationand/or translation service for applicants as necessary, or allow parents and children to
be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend during the interview to facilitate
*For non-chinese speakers hotline
*Tel: 2386 2826


  1. We will notify all parents of the admission results by letter before 16th December 2022 regardless of the admission result. 

  2. Parents of successful applicants are required to complete the registration at our school within the specified period stated in the letter (5th to 7th January 2023). Otherwise, they will be deemed to have given up the discretionary place

    • Registration documents include:

      • Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission

      • Admission letter

      • $1500 Acceptance fee (non-refundable)

  3. If successful applicants fail to complete the registration within the specified period, the discretionary places will be offered to applicants on the waiting list by phone.  ​

  4. If parents decide to change school after registering with us, we will return the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission but the acceptance fee will not be refunded.

Other charge

In addition to the tuition fee, we will notify parents of the collection of miscellaneous fees in written notice in the period between May and June every year. Miscellaneous fees include:

  • Textbooks and exercise books* 

  • Uniforms

  • Schoolbag

  • Name stamp and pouch for school notice*  

  • Electronic student ID card 


*= Parents are free to choose whether to order these items through us.

Interview mode
  1. School conducts interviews through games, mainly observing children's expression ability, emotional behavior and parents' expectations

  2. Priority to families that require WD/LWD services and with brother/sister studies at our school 

  3. Priority will be given to applicants with siblings currently studying at our school and applicants from families in need of social support. 

Student needs to go to the school in person to complete the application procedure.
Accepting applications throughout the year.

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